International Sanctions

In uncertain times, more and more sanction lists are added to the global KYC, AML and CTF regulatory landscape. Sanction lists are also growing daily in complexity and interpretation, making it more difficult than ever for businesses to effectively identify and manage sanctions risk.


Access quality, relevant risk intelligence sanctions-screening data to help you meet your regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently

dMonitor provides access to 179 sanction lists, covering all regions of the world with the power of AI. Our award winning solution provides a unique data format and updates every 30 minutes, so that you do not miss any updates to the sanction content. You can search your customer based on their name, surname, country of origin and birth date or you can create custom search parameters to reduce false positives.

When screenings against individuals and entities, dMonitor provides with a timestamp that shows exactly when you performed the search. With this information you are well equipped for the next audit by regulators and internal stakeholders to show that you have your KYC, AML and CTF obligations under control.


Which Lists Are Included in Sanction Scanner Data?
  • United Nations Sanctions (UN)
  • US Consolidated Sanctions
  • OFAC — Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)
  • EU Financial Sanctions
  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)
  • Australian Sanctions
  • Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury List and 176 other government lists (hyperlink here)


We are driven by our client-centricity and should you require any other sanction list, we can integrate it within one week.

Unlock the potential of automating AML screening, effortlessly elevating customer onboarding and business verification. Elevate efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance through our unified platform—tailored to your needs. Choose the products that suit your requirements, precisely when you need them. Your solution, your way.


  • Constantly adding new lists
  • AI enhanced verifications of individuals and entities
  • Updated lists (every 15 minutes)
  • Easy API integration
  • Search by Relatives and Known associates
  • Export search history feature
  • Batch Query feature