On Premise App

Ultimate Control and Privacy for Your KYC Operations

Achieve unparalleled control and privacy in your KYC operations with our on-premise application. Designed for organizations that prioritize data security, our solution ensures that all client data remains within your infrastructure. Our on-premise application offers a flexible and easy-to-expand data/search structure, allowing you to integrate proprietary lists or sources seamlessly. With regular database updates and integrated telemetry, you can maintain the highest standards of compliance while keeping your data secure.

Complete Data Privacy

Maintain full control over your data with our on-premise solution, ensuring compliance with stringent data privacy regulations.

Customizable and Expandable

Easily expand your data and search capabilities to include proprietary lists or sources, tailored to your specific needs.

Regular Updates

Keep your database up-to-date with regular updates before every screening, ensuring the most accurate and current information.

Integrated Telemetry

Monitor and measure activity with integrated telemetry, providing insights into your KYC operations for improved efficiency and compliance.

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