“A risk based approach is required to determine the possibility of exposure for corruption and
abuse of their position by senior public functions.”

The Wolfsberg Group

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are defined as high-risk people because they can launder money easier than an ordinary person. PEPs are not criminal, but they are high-risk customers. Therefore, businesses should detect and control the transactions PEPs make.


Organizations that do not meet AML requirements remain vulnerable to financial crimes. They might face penalties. Not only do they affect businesses financially, but they also affect their reputation.

Our PEP & RKA Screening Service meets the AML requirements of FATF, the European Union, and local regulators. Our clients automate their PEP control processes and detect financial crimes with our powerful API.


Our primary data sources are developed in-house and are always relying on the official website of a data subject (for example the parliament website of a specific country). If this is not available for any reason, we include other public sources to enable an independent PEP verification in case of a positive match, providing access to multiple reputable PEP data sources to meet the varying requirements of our clients.

Our PEP database is updated daily to ensure that the information that you screen against is as accurate, relevant and reliable as possible.

dMonitor’s PEP & RKA checks provide all the vital information you need to comply with your AML obligations and understand if an individual is politically exposed and if so, what risk do they pose to your organisation.


Key profile information:
  • Full Name
  • Category e.g. PEP, SIP, RCA, TER
  • Date or Year of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Primary country or location
  • Deceased Date, if applicable
  • Relative: wife, child, spouse
  • Business associates
  • Membership in various associations
  • Involvement in businesses